What is BigPicture ?
BigPicture is like an infinite notepad, in which you can pan (north/south/east/west),
but also in which you can ZOOM ! (Nearly) infinitely many times.

Search : F3 or CTRL+F

Pan : click and drag

Move text : CTRL+click and drag

Zoom In : PageDown or CTRL+ or
mousewheel or double-click
Zoom Out : PageUp or CTRL- or
mousewheel or CTRL+double-click

Biggest picture : F2 (try it twice!)
Easy write in one click : click anywhere and write!
No need to go into a Toolbox and choose to create a new Textbox... Just click anywhere and write !
More features to come...
Don't forget to zoom out...
... to see the BigPicture
eat more vegetables!

buy some chocolate
Gaelle's website
playlist for next party
Tove Lo - Stay High
Ariana Grande - Love Me Harder ft. The Weeknd (Official Audio)
Cut Copy - Lights Shine On
Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices

This is not the biggest text yet...
Think outside the box.
mind mapping tool
(twitter @JosephErnest)